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Welcome to Software Development on Codidact!

Will you help us build our independent community of developers helping developers? We're small and trying to grow. We welcome questions about all aspects of software development, from design to code to QA and more. Got questions? Got answers? Got code you'd like someone to review? Please join us.

Posts tagged software-practices

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For questions that ask about the benefits of using a certain style, framework, etc. (possibly over others), ask about best practices, or otherwise ask about software practices. These types of questions usually ask, "Should I" or "Is it a good idea to", rather than "How", "What" or "Why".

This tag doesn't have a detailed wiki yet.

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Q&A Are there technical reasons to pick one struct coding style over the other?

C offers two different styles when it comes to structs (and union/enum too). Either declare them using a struct tag only ("struct tag style"): struct my_type { ... }; struct my_type x; Or ...

1 answer  ·  posted 11d ago by Lundin‭  ·  last activity 10d ago by Lundin‭

Question c code-style struct
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Q&A PEP20 on namespaces: What exactly is it saying to do?

PEP20 aka the Zen of Python has a statement: Namespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those! What exactly are we supposed to "do" according to this? Is it saying we should h...

0 answers  ·  posted 3mo ago by matthewsnyder‭  ·  edited 3mo ago by Karl Knechtel‭

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Q&A What is do { } while(0) in macros and should we use it?

Background I can see the need to use { } when implementing a function-like macro such as this one: #define HCF(code) fprintf(stderr, "halt and catch fire"); exit(code); Because if we use the f...

2 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by Lundin‭  ·  last activity 3mo ago by Karl Knechtel‭

Question c code-style macros
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Q&A Is omitting braces for single statements bad practice?

Consider this code: while(arr[index] != 0) index++; vs while(arr[index] != 0) { index++; } Personally, I prefer the first. The fact that the braces are not needed makes them -- u...

6 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by klutt‭  ·  last activity 6mo ago by H_H‭

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Q&A For scripting what are the pros and cons of command line arguments versus capturing input at the start?

Let's say I have a script that needs the user to set X number of variables at the start. One can either Pass the arguments in on the command line. Start the program and then have the user input...

6 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by Charlie Brumbaugh‭  ·  last activity 8mo ago by Dirk Herrmann‭

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Q&A C naming convention, module trigrams?

For my company, I'm writing naming conventions for embedded code in C language. Function names must be named in lowerCamelCase() and start with a verb. Global variables are in Maj_started_lowe...

3 answers  ·  posted 1y ago by AdriZ‭  ·  last activity 1y ago by Dirk Herrmann‭

+3 −1
Q&A Are there practical reasons for designing a method-only class/object?

Are there practical reasons for designing/implementing a method(s)-only class/object? Follow-up background notes: This question is for languages that are not exclusively Object-Oriented, for exam...

3 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by CodeFarmer‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by hkotsubo‭

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Q&A Is it a good idea to have a permanent branch for a feature?

I'm rather new to using git, so I'm not sure about the best practices regarding it. I have a feature branch branched off, and periodically when the feature needs to be updated I will add some commi...

3 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by Moshi‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Hyperlynx‭

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Q&A How should we share some content between two otherwise-independent git repositories?

We have two teams, dev and doc, and I'd like them to have shared access (via git) to a common subset of content. Specifically, I would like the examples that are used in the doc and that are scrip...

4 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by Monica Cellio‭  ·  last activity 3y ago by Monica Cellio‭

+0 −6
Q&A What do smaller cloud companies offer that Big Tech clouds don't? [closed]

I don't understand why American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc and other similar teeny cloud computing platforms still exist, and haven't either gone bankrupt, or been acquired by one of Big Tech...

0 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by TextKit‭  ·  closed 3y ago by Alexei‭

+6 −1
Q&A Which abstraction should I choose for background services and why?

Which concept is best for managed background services? 1. RunAsync(CancellationToken): interface IWorker { Task RunAsync(CancellationToken cancellationToken = default); } ... IWorker worker =...

1 answer  ·  posted 3y ago by Kir_Antipov‭  ·  last activity 3y ago by Alexei‭

+1 −14
Q&A What is the worst code you ever saw? [closed]

In the interest of learning from the mistakes of other people: What is the worst code you ever saw? What made it so bad?

1 answer  ·  posted 3y ago by meriton‭  ·  closed 3y ago by Mithical‭

+8 −1
Q&A Styling with classes vs styling with CSS

I've noticed that a lot of sites have something like this going on: <div class="has-margin-0 has-padding-4"> <div>...</div> <div>...</div> ... </div>...

1 answer  ·  posted 3y ago by Moshi‭  ·  last activity 3y ago by luap42‭

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Q&A Is it recommended for ASP.NET Web API actions to always include a CancellationToken?

Note: This is basically a question from Stack Overflow that was closed for a very long period of time and I fear it might get closed again as primarily opinion based. I am wondering if my ASP.NET C...

1 answer  ·  posted 3y ago by Alexei‭  ·  last activity 3y ago by Peter Taylor‭

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Q&A Should I cast to (void) when I do not use the return value

I saw at least one compiler (Codewarrior for HC12) warn me if I use a function without using it's return value. Other compilers (clang/gcc) do not issue a warning though, even when using the std=90...

3 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by Kami‭  ·  edited 3y ago by Monica Cellio‭