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What options can be set via


The default Swing look and feel can be set in $JAVA_HOME/conf/

What else can be set in this file? I can't find any other documentation of it.

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I cannot find anything in the Oracle documentation (apart from the reference that you found already). However, by looking at the source code (for javax.swing.UIManager) I can see references to the following:

  • "swing.defaultlaf"
  • "swing.auxiliarylaf"
  • "swing.plaf.multiplexinglaf"
  • "swing.installedlafs"
  • "swing.disablenavaids" - Java identifier is disableMnemonicKey
  • "swing.installedlaf.<laf>.<attr>" where <laf> is an internal look-and-feel key and <attr> is "name" or "class".

With deeper source code digging you should be able to figure out what they all mean. It is not obvious which of the above can actually be set in the properties file, and which are added to the Properties object by the Swing initialization code.


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