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Generate SIGSEGV without undefined behaviour.


In order to test that coredumps are generated and that they contain useful information which can be retreived with gdb I need to generate a SIGSEGV. Or anything else which causes a coredump.

The code I am using is:

int *p = nullptr;
*p = 0;

Which works fine but is undefined behaviour. It might as well not generate a SIGSEGV at all.

Is there a portable way to raise that signal? And if not, is there an implementation specific documented way to do so with gcc?

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SIGSEGV is defined in the C header signal.h. To generate the signal, it should be sufficient to just do raise(SIGSEGV);. As far as I know, this is well-defined behavior.

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This has worked fine. Thanks. ‭Estela‭ 22 days ago

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