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How do World Wide Web interactions happen in a general level? [closed]


closed as off topic by ‭Lundin‭ on Sep 8, 2020 at 09:15

This question is not within the scope of Software Development.

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I understand that any World Wide Web interaction works this way:

  • Stage 1: Client (human or software) ⟶ User agentHTTP/S web-server request (with an unresolved domain)
  • Stage 2: ISP-initiated Routing softwareDNS server (one, or two or more until resolve) ⟶ DNS resolve
  • Stage 3: A web Server which is part of a server environment of a computer system with the "resolved" IP address processes the server request
  • Stage 4: HTTP/S web Server response (with a resolved domain) ⟶ Server-initiated routing softwareClient (human or software)

Regarding stage 2, I understand that some ISP routing software will try to lookup/resolve/translate a given domain with a given IP address "somewhere in the internet" and because that IP address can be associated with one or more DNS servers, the routing software would have to go through all DNS servers in the world until it reaches one which can "resolve" or "translate" the domain to an IP address and then the rest of the process will continue.

How do World Wide Web interactions happen in a general level (was my general description correct or "enough-accurate")?

Why should this post be closed?


This isn't a question about software development, but about networking and routing tables etc. So I believe it is off-topic here. ‭Lundin‭ 18 days ago

Yes, I had the feeling an exception would not be made and I totally respect that; I think that currently it has no place in Codidact; I don't want to post it in StackExchange though, perhaps Wikipedia computing refdesk or SitePoint or another website. ‭JohnDoea‭ 18 days ago

Wikipedia has a more accurate description on how the Domain Name System works. In particular, that article describes how the client efficiently locates the DNS servers to talk to. ‭meriton‭ 18 days ago

TopAnswers has sites for Web Client Dev and Web Server Dev; I don't know if this fits one of those but you could try dropping into their main chat (attached to their meta site) and see what they say. ‭Monica Cellio‭ 18 days ago

I think is the closest match, though I haven't used the site so I can't tell if/how welcome the question would be there. Maybe ask on their meta first with a link to this post? ‭Lundin‭ 17 days ago

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