Is it possible to rebuild a STL file from gcode?


I have a couple of 3d example projects in gcode for my printer but the printer bed has a couple of bumps in the center (where things are printed by default) and in order to print the objects I would need to move them off-center slightly.

Would it be possible to turn the gcode back into a stl that I could move and then reslice?

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It seems so. Some googling reveals some services/programs apparently be able converting G-Code to STL, such as MakePrintable (service), Voxelizer (software), and probably some more. There is also a rather outdated Blender script for importing G-Code (with Blender providing the STL export) at Github named blender-gcode-reader that might perhaps be of interest (Okay, i admit, i didn't google around. In truth, i duckduckwent instead...) ‭elgonzo‭ about 1 month ago

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