Data validation applied to tickboxes


Given ColumnA contains a Text header (A1), an allowed maximum number (A2), fifty tickboxes (A3:A62) and a formula in A63 of:


how can I block application of more than the allowed maximum number of ticks, or at least warn that the limit has been exceeded?

There is a Q on Web Applications [WA] that remains unanswered after three months with a problem of the kind outlined above. On WA the tag at present is [google-sheets-query] but why so is not clear to me.

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@pnuts Is it OK to rename [tickboxes] to [checkboxes]? It has the advantage that it makes sense also for many other application types. ‭Alexei‭ about 14 hours ago

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Opting for the fall back (warning rather than block): Select ColumnA and Format, Conditional formatting..., Format cells if... Custom formula is and:


Then select formatting of choice (I suggest red fill) and Done.

The same principle (with different maxima) can be applied to three columns (A:C) by extending the Apply to range to A2:C63.


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