In a column, set populated cells to 1 and empty cells to 0


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how to fill all non-empty cells of a column by 1 and the empty cells by 0. It's an xlsx file open with LibreOffice Calc.

Is this possible with a formula?

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An easy way (in LibreOffice Calc is not to attempt directly to overwrite what is already present but to create the desired results with a formula in a different column, then replace the contents of the original column with the values (not formulae) from the added column.

Assuming the data is in ColumnA, insert a new ColumnB and in B1 and copied down() to suit:


then select ColumnB, Edit > Copy, select ColumnA, Edit > Paste Only > Paste Only Numbers. Now ColumnB may be deleted.

The sheet may be saved with an xlsx extension.

Double-clicking the fill handle won't work here (because of the blank cells). Instead either drag down to suit or, if very many cells, go to the last cell to be populated and enter something there (say x) then return to B1, Copy, select B2, Ctrl+Shift+Down and Yes.


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