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One part of an as yet unanswered Q on Super User asks whether conditional formatting in OpenOffice Calc can be used to highlight an entire row based on whether a checkmark in the row has been selected.

This example was provided:

Data sample

Can it be?

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Assuming Check Box Form Controls in ColumnD, yes in OpenOffice Calc 4.1.4, though for some the process may be too tedious and entering say an x instead may be preferred.

Unlike in Google Sheets for example, where a Tick box has a FALSE/TRUE value associated with it automatically, in Calc the association has to be made by the user. Select View > Toolbars > Form Design and ensure Design Mode is turned on (highlighted background) then select a Check Box and Control… > Data and for Linked cell enter the reference for the cell in which the Check Box resides. This should enter TRUE in that cell when that Check Box is ticked. Repeat for all other Check Boxes, turn off Design Mode and apply CF in the normal way.

The TRUE (or FALSE) can be hidden by choosing white as the default font colour and, in Conditional Formatting, the same font colour as the background colour selected there.


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