LibreOffice Calc formula returns Err:539


In this Q Stack Overflow user @Vertex from Germany was finding that:


returned Err:539, even as an array formula.

Why might that be and how to fix the problem?

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Unfortunately, Err:539:

Unsupported inline array content, For example, ={1+2}

is not very informative, other than indicating user is on version 6 (2018) or above of LibreOffice.

However, it is very likely that the main issue is with separators (whose settings are not stated in the original question, though implied in part in an image there). It may be deduced that the relevant function parameter separator is ; (because that is what was applied by the user in the syntax to separate numberlist and n in the function SMALL and user has tried and failed with , instead of ;).

Since the user shows data in columnar format it is likely that the problem is with the choice for Array column:. On my version (, having set the Array column: to \, the chosen formula with , to separate the array elements does give an error (not the same error number, but the versions differ).

The solution is likely to be to replace (where necessary) ; in the formula with whatever the sheet's setting is for Function: (probably not necessary for @Vertex) and the ,s with whatever the sheet's setting is for Array column: (at a guess that is | or \). OR, set Function: to ;, Array column: to , (adjust Array row: if necessary), accept any consequences elsewhere in the spreadsheet, and continue with the current formula.

The settings may be made in Tools > Options… > LibreOffice Calc > Formula > Separators. My settings are normally:

Separator settings example

and with those I achieve the result I expect from:


entered with Ctrl+Shift+Enter.


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