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Welcome to Software Development on Codidact!

Will you help us build our independent community of developers helping developers? We're small and trying to grow. We welcome questions about all aspects of software development, from design to code to QA and more. Got questions? Got answers? Got code you'd like someone to review? Please join us.

Tags used in Meta

discussion × 102

Use for questions that are not about bugs or feature-requests, but rather about subjective aspects.

status-completed × 34

A special tag indicating an issue that has been resolved (implementation or bugfix).

tags × 29

For questions dealing with tags management (e.g. merging or removing a certain tag).

bug × 27

Tag questions that are bug reports. The posts should indicate a reproducible problem on the site that might be due to a ...

support × 21

For questions asking for help about the site's features.

feature-request × 19

For posts asking for a new platform feature or improving an existing one. Such posts do not behave as normal questions, ...

scope × 16

For posts that ask about content being on-topic or off-topic for a non-meta category (Q&A or Code Reviews).

comments × 11

For posts related to comments added for the posts (e.g. what is recommended to add as a comment).

code-formatting × 7

For questions related to properly displaying of code in posts (questions, answers, comments).

questions × 6

For posts that raise an issue about one or multiple questions from the non-meta categories.

answers × 5

For questions about answers: how to provide an answer, what kind of answers should be avoided etc.

syntax-highlighting × 5

For questions about the syntax highlighting performed inside the code blocks.

on-topic × 5

For questions whether something is on-topic or not. Consider using [scope] instead.

editor × 4

For questions about the main platform editor used for editing questions and answers.

ontopic × 4

For questions or discussions about the scope of the site (i.e. if a question topic is fit for this site or not).

site-promotion × 3

For questions about improving site content, improve exposure in order to increase the visitor count.

site-culture × 2
moderators × 3

Questions about users with moderator privilege (what they can do, discuss about their actions etc.).

content-quality × 3

For questions about how appropriate is a certain type of questions or answer for the community.

policy × 2

For questions about etiquette and proper behavior toward other users or in handling certain topics.

off-topic × 2

About posts being off-topic, Use [scope] instead.

status-bydesign × 2

A special tag indicating that the described behaviour is intended (or "by design"), not a bug.

posts × 2

For questions about writing posts or using various associated functionality.

voting × 2

For questions related to the voting process (on posts) or the points generated by votes.

code × 2

For questions about how code is rendered in posts or about it appears in the answer (e.g. code only answers or what type ...

status-deferred × 2

A special tag that indicates that the requested feature will not be implemented in the near future.

notifications × 2

For questions about various types of notifications that can be received on the site (internal, e-mail, etc.).

announcements × 2

Used by Codidact team to inform the community about the latest changes etc.

canonicals × 2
code-reviews × 2

For questions related to Code Review site category (e.g. proper categorization of posts as code review vs. Q&A).

help × 2

Do NOT use this tag. Consider using [support] or [discussion] instead.

suggested-edit × 2

For questions or discussions about suggested edits flow (which is the default option for edits coming from users that are ...

abilities × 1
reactions × 1

For questions related to reactions that can be raised on answers.

codidact × 1
design × 1

For questions about the design of the Software Development site.

searching × 1

For questions about using the search functionality.

categories × 1
xy-problem × 1
migration × 1

For questions related to either migrating posts from a community to another or migrating content from other Q&A ...

downvotes × 1

For questions about downvoting of questions and answers.

highlight × 1
abusive × 1

For questions related to potentially abusive content (questions, answers, comments, etc.)

mention × 1

For questions about mentioning a user in a post or in a comment.

notification × 1

For questions about the notifications that the user can receive from the site.

obfuscation × 1

For questions about code obfuscation, a code alteration that makes the source code very hard to understand.

duplicate-questions × 1

For meta posts dealing with handling duplicate questions.

highlightjs × 1

For posts about usage of highlightjs for code syntax highlight. Consider using [syntax-highlighting] instead.

community × 1
content-migration × 1

Use for questions dealing with imported content from other platforms such Stack Exchange sites.

architecture × 1

For posts that deal with the scope of architecture related questions.

status-declined × 1

A special tag indicating that the requested feature or bug will not be fixed in the near future.

gamification × 0

For questions about using gaming techniques to encourage engagement in Software Codidact. This may include privileges, ...

status-review × 0

A special tag that indicates that a proposal (e.g. feature request) was briefly analyzed, but further analysis is ...

status-planned × 0

A special tag indicating that the requested feature will be implemented in the near future.