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Welcome to Software Development on Codidact!

Will you help us build our independent community of developers helping developers? We're small and trying to grow. We welcome questions about all aspects of software development, from design to code to QA and more. Got questions? Got answers? Got code you'd like someone to review? Please join us.

Tags used in Q&A

javascript × 74

Use for questions regarding programming in ECMAScript (JavaScript/JS) and its various implementations. This should be ...

c × 71

Use this tag for questions concerning use of the C programming language and for questions containing code in the C ...

python × 67

Use for questions about the Python programming language. Python is a multi-paradigm, dynamically typed, multipurpose ...

java × 56

Use for questions about Java, a high-level programming language. Consider tagging the question with more specific tags ...

html × 38

Use for questions about HyperText Markup Language, the main markup language for creating web pages. Typically this should ...

c# × 38

Use for questions dealing with C# ( a high level, statically typed, multi-paradigm programming language developed by ...

mysql × 33

Use this tag for questions about MySQL database system. MySQL is a free, open source Relational Database Management ...

git × 35

Use for questions about Git, an open-source distributed version control system (DVCS). The topics should include git ...

php × 29

Use for questions about the PHP language, a server-side web development scripting language.

c++ × 30

Use this tag for questions concerning the use of the C++ programming language and for questions containing code in the ...

spreadsheet-formula × 18

excel-formula libreoffice-calc-formula openoffice-calc-formula google-sheets-formula formula

Use for questions about spreadsheet formulas using common spreadsheet formula syntax. A spreadsheet formula is written in ...

android × 25

For questions about Android, Google's mobile operating system.

css × 17

Use for questions about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting ...

linux × 18

Use for questions about programming on Linux (e.g. about the Linux specific behavior of some code).

python-3 × 20

For questions about Python 3 specific programming issues.

google-sheets × 11

For questions when using Google Sheets programmatically. Other tags should be added if relevant (e.g. ...

angular × 19

Use for questions about programming in Angular (aka Angular 2+), the Web framework created by Google. If the question ...

rust × 17

Use this tag for questions about code written in Rust. × 18

Use for questions about ASP.NET Core framework. ASP.NET Core is a lean, composable, open-source, and cross-platform ...

string × 13

Use for questions dealing with a finite sequence of symbols (characters), commonly used for text.

sql × 14

Use for questions about one or multiple Structured Query Language (SQL) flavours. In order to get the most helpful answer ...

pointers × 14

Use for questions dealing with a data type that "points to" another value stored in memory. DO NOT use when talking about ...

terminology × 14

For questions about programming terms usage and their meaning.

entity-framework-core × 14

For questions dealing with the .NET Core version of Entity Framework, an ORM developed by Microsoft.

excel × 11

Use for questions about programming with Microsoft Excel. It should be combined with tags for VBA, VSTO, C#, VB.NET, ...

database × 14

For questions about databases in general. A database is an organized collection of data. It is the collection of schemas, ...

data-structures × 9

About questions related to working with data structures, ways of organizing data that provides better performance when ...

security × 12

Use for questions dealing with the security aspects of the programming (e.g. attacks against software). Always add tags ...

software-practices × 12

For questions that ask about the benefits of using a certain style, framework, etc. (possibly over others), ask about ...

function × 10

Use for questions dealing with functions. Functions (or methods, routines, subroutines) are portions of code that ...

haskell × 5

For questions related to Haskel, a purely functional programming language.

array × 12

For questions about arrays, an ordered linear data structure consisting of a collection of elements identified by one or ...

sql-server × 11

Use for questions about Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS. Use this tag for all SQL Server editions including Compact, Express, ...

regex × 10

Use this tag for questions concerning use of regular expressions (AKA "regex" or "RegExp"). It's highly recommended to ...

contact-form × 9

For questions about web forms (or similar native forms) that collect information from a user.

json × 11

Use for questions about JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a textual data interchange format. Please ensure that all ...

vs-code × 11


For questions about using Visual Studio Code IDE, developed mainly by Microsoft.

f# × 10

For questions related to programming in F#, a functional and object-oriented language for .NET.

.net × 9

Use for questions about programming in .NET framework. For .NET Core programming, use [.net-core].

libreoffice-calc × 5

For questions about LibreOffice Suite's spreadsheet application.

tools × 1
architecture × 9

For questions related to defining and maintaining the high-level structure of a solution.

mediawiki × 4

For questions about MediaWiki, a free software wiki package written in PHP.

web × 5

For questions about the general aspects of world wide web. Avoid using this tag, as questions should be more specific.

performance × 8

For questions related to measuring or improving code efficiency. Make sure that the post clearly specifies the indicators ...

language-agnostic × 8

For programming related posts that refer to concepts that are not specific to a single programming language (language ...

algorithms × 6

For questions related to designing algorithms (clearly defined steps that provide an abstract solution to a problem).

file-handling × 7

For questions about general file actions such as creating, opening, closing, reading, updating, writing, comparing or ...

wpf × 8

For questions about Windows Presentation Foundation, a framework for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based ...

macos × 5

For questions about programming using macOS APIs or that are related to macOS-specific behavior.

bash × 7

Use for questions about scripts written for the Bash command shell.

pandas × 7

For questions about Pandas Python library that is used for data manipulation and analysis.

input × 4

For questions about data entered by the user (i.e. user input)

oop × 6


For questions about using object-oriented programming (OOP).

jenkins × 5

Questions about Jenkins continuous integration tool that was forked from Hudson.

format × 6

For questions dealing with data format (e.g. text formatting, content format, file formats). TRY to avoid using it and ...

email × 7

For questions about sending or receive email messages using code.

mvvm × 7

For questions about using the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern, used for implementing user interfaces that separate ...

language-lawyer × 7

For questions dealing with one or more intimate restrictions (useful or esoteric) of a certain programming language.

typescript × 5

Use for questions about programming with TypeScript, a statically typed superset of JavaScript created by Microsoft which ...

compiler-errors × 6

Use for questions about errors appeared during the compilation phase (e.g. syntax, semantic errors).

syntax × 5

For questions about syntax of various elements in a programming language. Also specify the programming language specific ...

android-studio × 6

For questions about Android Studio IDE by Google used for Android programming.

command-line-interface × 6

For questions dealing with command-line interfaces (CLIs) related to programming tasks. A CLI is a text-based interface ...

ruby-on-rails × 5

For questions about Ruby on Rails, an open-source full-stack web application framework written in Ruby

linked-list × 5

For questions about linked lists. A linked list is a data structure where each element contains a reference to the next ...

xml × 5

For questions about XML (Extensible Markup Language) text-based format. XML is a simple text-based format for ...

language-design × 4

For questions related to the design of various aspects of a programming language.

factor × 6

For questions about Factor which is a concatenative, stack-based programming language.

conditional-formatting × 4

Use for questions about a spreadsheets technique that formats the cells of a table depending on the cells' values or ...

node.js × 5

For questions about programming using Node.js, an event-based, non-blocking, asynchronous I/O runtime.

.net-core × 6

For questions about developing with .NET Core, an open-source successor of the .NET Framework. If relevant, also add the ...

compiler-warnings × 6

For questions dealing with non-blocking messages emitted by a compiler when it finds potential problems in code or ...

windows × 6

Use for questions about programming on the Windows operating system. Consider adding a specific version (e.g. 7, 10, ... × 6

Use for questions that are specifically dealing with particular features of ASP.NET Core 3.1. Consider also including ...

shell × 4

For questions about using a shell, that is a general class of text-based interactive command interpreters most often ...

validation × 5

For questions dealing with checking (input) data to fit the required specifications.

GNU/Linux × 4

Use for questions about software and tools provided by the GNU ("GNU's Not Unix") project.

debugging × 4

For questions about the debugging process (finding and fixing bugs in computer programs) or using debugging tools.

gcc × 5

For questions related to using the GNU Compiler Collection (compiler for C, C++, Go and others).

drupal × 4

For questions about Drupal, an open-source CMS framework written in PHP.

ruby × 3

For questions about Ruby, a multi-platform open-source, dynamic object-oriented interpreted language. × 5

For questions about ASP.NET Core 5, built on top of .NET 5.

code-style × 5

About questions dealing with coding styles and conventions in software development.

interpreted-language × 3

For questions about interpreted languages and program interpretation. A language implementation is interpreted if code is ...

design-patterns × 4

For questions about design patterns, reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design / development.

dom × 5

For questions about the Document Object Model (DOM) which is a way to programmatically refer to the elements of a markup ...

filestream × 3

For questions about working with file streams, which are basically sequences of bytes.

mocking × 5

Use for questions about mocking within a unit testing context. Mocking (faking) is a way to isolate code (component) to ...

postgresql × 5

For questions about programming with PostgreSQL, an open-source, cross-platform relational database management system.

testing × 5

For questions about software testing. Testing refers to any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a ...

3d × 5

For questions about 3D computer graphics. 3D graphics use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data stored in ...

fonts × 4

Tag the questions about the usage of electronic data files containing a set of glyphs, characters, or symbols in the ...

devops × 2

For questions about DevOps (development & operations) software development method that focuses on cooperation between ...

swing × 4

For questions about programming using the Java UI toolkit (javax.swing).

rest × 5

For questions about REST (Representational State Transfer) is a software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems ...