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Tags used in Q&A

277 tags

mysql × 25

Use this tag for questions about MySQL database system. MySQL is a free, open source Relational Database Management ...

google-sheets × 19

For questions when using Google Sheets programmatically. Other tags should be added if relevant (e.g. ...

c × 11

Use this tag for questions concerning use of the C programming language and for questions containing code in the C ...

google-sheets-formula × 11

For questions about using formula inside Google Sheets. Also, tag with [google-sheets].

libreoffice-calc × 10

For questions about LibreOffice Suite's spreadsheet application.

software-practices × 10

For questions that ask about the benefits of using a certain style, framework, etc. (possibly over others), ask about ...

javascript × 9

Use for questions regarding programming in ECMAScript (JavaScript/JS) and its various implementations. This should be ...

c++ × 8

Use this tag for questions concerning the use of the C++ programming language and for questions containing code in the ...

excel × 8

Use for questions about programming with Microsoft Excel. It should be combined with tags for VBA, VSTO, C#, VB.NET, ...

php × 6

Use for questions about the PHP language, a server-side web development scripting language.

c# × 6

Use for questions dealing with C# ( a high level, statically typed, multi-paradigm programming language developed by ...

java × 6

Use for questions about Java, a high-level programming language. Consider tagging the question with more specific tags ...

sql × 6

Use for questions about one or multiple Structured Query Language (SQL) flavours. In order to get the most helpful answer ...

string × 6

Use for questions dealing with a finite sequence of symbols (characters), commonly used for text.

git × 6

Use for questions about Git, an open-source distributed version control system (DVCS). The topics should include git ... × 6

Use for questions about ASP.NET Core framework. ASP.NET Core is a lean, composable, open-source, and cross-platform ...

conditional-formatting × 6

Use for questions about a spreadsheets technique that formats the cells of a table depending on the cells' values or ...

python × 5

Use for questions about the Python programming language. Python is a multi-paradigm, dynamically typed, multipurpose ...

regex × 5

Use this tag for questions concerning use of regular expressions (AKA "regex" or "RegExp"). It's highly recommended to ...

entity-framework-core × 5

For questions dealing with the .NET Core version of Entity Framework, an ORM developed by Microsoft.

libreoffice-calc-formula × 5

Tag questions about formula usage in LibreOffice. Consider adding [libreoffice-calc] tag.

linux × 5

Use for questions about programming on Linux (e.g. about the Linux specific behavior of some code).

sql-server × 4

Use for questions about Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS. Use this tag for all SQL Server editions including Compact, Express, ...

rust × 4

Use this tag for questions about code written in Rust.

json × 4

Use for questions about JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a textual data interchange format. Please ensure that all ...

text × 4

Use for questions about text type or generally when dealing with sequences of characters. × 4

Use for questions that are specifically dealing with particular features of ASP.NET Core 3.1. Consider also including ...

timestamps × 4

For questions about the time at which an event is recorded by a computer system (e.g. database records creation or ...

stored-procedures × 4

Use for questions about database objects that encapsulate SQL code.

openoffice-calc × 4

A tag used for questions about OpenOffice's spreadsheet application.

html × 4

Use for questions about HyperText Markup Language, the main markup language for creating web pages. Typically this should ...

google-query-language × 3

For questions about using Google Query Language, an engine provided by the Google Visualization API.

undefined-behavior × 3

The unpredictable outcome of compiling or executing a program caused by breaking a language rule that is not enforced at ...

excel-formula × 3

For questions dealing with the structure, syntax, or output of a Microsoft Excel formula.

angular × 3

Use for questions about programming in Angular (aka Angular 2+), the Web framework created by Google. If the question ...

concatenation × 3

For questions about joining two or more elements into a single element/structure. Consider using [string-concatenation] ...

formula × 3

DO NOT use this tag. Instead, tag with a more specific tag such as [excel-formula] or [google-sheets-formula].

performance × 2

For questions related to measuring or improving code efficiency. Make sure that the post clearly specifies the indicators ...

naming-conventions × 2

Use for questions about general rules governing names assigned to programming constructs such as variables, methods, ...

delete × 2

For questions about removing objects in various contexts. Please avoid using this tag, as it is too vague.

merge × 2

Use for questions related to combining two or multiple sets of data. Try to AVOID this tag and use a more specific one ...

go × 2

For questions about programming with Go, a language started at Google.

sheets × 2

DO NOT use this tag. Instead please use a more specific one such as [google-sheets]

code-style × 2

About questions about coding styles and conventions.

jenkins × 2

Questions about Jenkins continuous integration tool that was forked from Hudson.

referential × 2

For questions about the referential integrity concept used in relational databases.

openoffice-calc-formula × 2

For questions dealing with formulas in OpenOffice Calc.

keras × 2

Use for questions related to Keras neural network library, that provides a high-level API in Python and R.

algorithms × 2

For questions related to designing algorithms (clearly defined steps that provide an abstract solution to a problem).

checkbox × 2

For questions about a GUI element that typically allows a binary selection (may also be a tri-state checkbox if it ...

cmake × 2

Use for questions about CMake build system generator.

android × 2

For questions about Android, Google's mobile operating system.

unspecified-behavior × 2

For questions about the unpredictable or unexpected behavior of a program which is not documented.

stl-format × 2

Use for questions about the STL 3D file format.

security × 2

Use for questions dealing with the security aspects of the programming (e.g. attacks against software). Always add tags ...

join × 2

Use for questions about joining two or more relations in a relational database system or the JOIN keyword.

linq × 2

Use for questions related to Microsoft's Language Integrated Query that adds data querying capabilities. Based on the ...

.net × 2

Use for questions about programming in .NET framework. For .NET Core programming, use [.net-core].

rows-affected × 2

For questions related to the number of rows affected by a SQL query.

string-concatenation × 2

Use for questions about joining two or many character strings end-to-end.

terminology × 2

For questions about programming terms usage and their meaning.

msbuild × 2

Tag questions about Microsoft Build Engine, a build platform for managed code and was part of .NET Framework.

visual-studio × 2

For questions related to features and configuration of Visual Studio directly related to programming using Visual Studio.

async-await × 2

Use for questions related to async and await keywords (or similar) that support an asynchronous programming model.

entity-framework-migrations × 2

For questions about (database) migrations, a feature of Entity Framework that provides a mechanism for detecting changes ...

parameters × 2

For questions about variables used to refer to data provided typically as input in a subrouting.

spring × 2

For questions about developing using Spring Framework, an open-source framework for application development on the Java ...

python-internals × 2

Use for questions about how Python works: design decisions, internal data structures, performance, etc.

cypher × 2

For questions about the query language used by Neo4j and AgensGraph graph databases.

compiler-errors × 2

Use for questions about errors appeared during the compilation phase (e.g. syntax, semantic errors).

neo4j × 2

For questions about Neo4j graph database.

multithreading × 2

Use for questions about threads or multi-threading. A multithreaded computer or program is able to perform work ...

database-index × 2

Use for questions about database indexes. Indexes are build based on one or more tables or views columns and map to the ...

unit-testing × 2

For questions about the testing method by which individual units of source code are tested to determine if they are fit ...

mocking × 2

Use for questions about mocking within a unit testing context. Mocking (faking) is a way to isolate code (component) to ...

mediawiki × 2

For questions about MediaWiki, a free software wiki package written in PHP.

windows × 2

Use for questions about programming on the Windows operating system. Consider adding a specific version (e.g. 7, 10, ...

zip × 1

For questions about creating Zip archives. ZIP is a format that allows grouping and compression of files and folders into ...

fscanf × 1

For questions about fscanf C function, part of scanf() functions family used for reading and converting formatted data.

scanf × 1

For questions about C scanf() functions family used for reading and converting formatted data.

format-strings × 1

Use for questions about template strings used for formatting output strings.

database-trigger × 1

Use when dealing with special procedures that are called when a database event occurs. E.g. rows are being inserted or ...

database-locking × 1

For questions about locking in the database.

linker × 1

For questions using a linker, a part of the toolchain for producing executables from source code written in compiled ...

data × 1

Please DO NOT use this tag as it is too vague.

elf × 1

For questions about ELF (Executable and Linkable Format), a file format for files containing machine code.

reddit × 1

Use for questions about programmatically interacting with Reddit, a social news ranking website.

heap × 1
build × 1

For questions about code building, the process of converting source code files into standalone software artifact(s) that ...

node-modules × 1

For questions related to Node.js modules or modules loading system.

language-agnostic × 1

For programming related posts that refer to concepts that are not specific to a single programming language (language ...

bsdtar × 1

For questions about bsdtar, a FreeBSD implementation of the tar command.

back-end × 1

For software architecture related questions dealing with the back-end, the data processing components of a software ...

global-variables × 1

For questions about defining or using variables accessible from all components of a software application.

string-formatting × 1

For questions dealing with methods to display various data types into a string.

variable-assignment × 1

For questions about setting/updating the value of a variable.